FMA at the National Football Museum

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The FMAis in the process of highlighting the work of the medical and sciene community in the professional game.  Following recent discussions wtih director, Dr Kevin Moore, the intention is to display the role of the “trainer” through the decades, from sponge man to GP’s.  As such we would like to appeal to Members adn the wider medical and science fraternity to offer any artefacts and memorabilia, medical equipment, literature, photographs or anything that they may have that would be appropriate for this project.  Items submitted can be “donated” to the museum or “loaned” and your contribution would be acknowledged.  


Over 500,000 visitors attend the National Football Museum each year adn we know there is strong interest in the work that we do in the professional game.   


Any itmes of information we can gather that represents the past 10 decades would help to set up a fantastic exhibition represeting you and the FMA!