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The website now hosts our FMPA Register of practitioners who have worked in a professional capacity with players or a club in the top 5 tiers in English football, the top 2 tiers in Scotland or the FA WSL1.

Eligible practitioners include Doctor, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapist, Optometrist, Nutritionist, Soft Tissue Therapist, Sports Psychologist, Podiatrist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Consultant Surgeon, Consultant Physician, Sports Rehabilitator.

What The Register Will Do For You

Create an Invaluable directory for colleagues currently working in Professional Football to source skilled practitioners like YOU when recruiting staff or for Consultants.

Provide grassroots football direct access to YOU as an elite level practitioner.

Promote YOU to fans as a practitioner who has worked for their Club.

Showcase  YOUR practice to this huge target audience.

Expand YOUR client base through a trusted medium which has a nationwide reach.

Gain recognition for YOUR skills, expertise and experience in elite level football.

Further advertise YOUR clinical specialty by submitting articles of interest in our quarterly magazine  “Football Medic & Scientist” or as a contribution to our CPD programme.

Allow other sports to find YOU as a practitioner.

Enable the corporate industry to access YOU for endorsements, recommendation or consultancy.

Places YOU ahead of the game!


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