We manufacture inertial machines, technology applied to high performance sports, increasing demands in eccentric action after a concentric action, due to inertial weights. One of the leading trends in strength training.

Strength & Condition Coachs, sports rehabilitators, physiotherapists  are always in the centre of what we do, and we work to provide them with simple, high-quality tools, which add value to the training process.

Our goal is to make  the market’s best inertial training machines, from a biological, mechanical and physical perspective. We exist and grow following a strategy of technological application, where we incorporate, try, and adapt anything that can be used to advance our products and make them better.

We also have a RSP APP is designed to measure the performance of training in real time via a data connection (Bluetooth technology).

We are delighted to be a Business partner and associated with the FMPA.

If you would like any further information on the RSP product range please contact  on or  + 34 659 910685

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