Mad Up

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Bilateral personalised blood flow restriction technology:

Within 10 min increase your muscle strength and hypertrophy with light load and minimise DOMS up to 100%

MAD-UP is a French company created by professionals of sports and medicine.

The idea was to create the best technology with engineers and scientists to work on a personalised BFR training (blood flow restriction training) in a safe and efficient manner.

Blood flow restriction training is a big revolution in the rehabilitation world, it allows you to increase the muscle strength  and hypertrophy by lifting light load.

The struggle that we used to face in rehabilitation to increase muscle strength has now found his solution.

Indeed high intensity training to increase muscle strength need heavy load but with patients in rehabilitation phase it is very risky because it could lead to muscle soreness, joint damage, tears, injuries.

BFR allow you to recreate an high intensity training only with light load.

The principle is to use light load while proceeding to a personalised moderation of the blood flow. The reduction of oxygen in the muscle change the PH in the local area then create the acidy. From that the lactic acid allows the nervous system to communicate to the brain that help is needed to accomplish this task. The brain responds by releasing growth hormones from pituitary gland, anabolic hormones circulate in the body via the blood stream targeting anabolic receptors on all muscles. Then muscle tissues blood vessels and bones use anabolic hormones released to facilitate repair and increase strength without damaging tissues.

MAD-UP PRO technology is the only device in Europe created to work on personalised blood flow restriction training.

The company understood the requirements of the science and also the characteristics of the human body, therefore before the exercise we proceed to a calibration to be able to find the LOP (limb occlusion pressure) and adjust the perfect pressure based on the clinical/scientific studies.

Understanding the few case of rhabdomyolysis, pulmonary embolism, cerebral heart disease, venous thrombosis… MAD-UP PRO has been design to match the physiological characteristics of the human body so the device monitors the pressure instantly during the movement.

The device is extremely secured to work safely with your patient and gives you the joy to have 100% control of the pressure applied before and during the training.

The device will assist you with evidence based protocols and make it playful by giving you all the information to follow your session on a touch screen.