MProf or DProf in Elite Performance

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The MProf and DProf in Elite Performance at UCLan was the first programme of its type established in the UK. This innovative, flexible and original course, designed specifically for working professionals, has a strong national and international reputation.

With start dates available in January, April and October, this course offers a flexible approach to studying so you can fit the course around your other commitments.

Why choose one of these programmes?

The Professional Masters (MProf) or Professional Doctorate (DProf) in Elite Performance are high level programmes of study open to active professionals within their area(s) of experience and expertise. Both programmes enable professionals with or without undergraduate/postgraduate degrees to apply and be credited with their experience and skills, allowing direct entry on to the courses.

The MProf or DProf in Elite Performance both provide an opportunity for those working in performance related roles to complete a programme of study focused on career-based needs and aspirations.

This is an exciting and original initiative, capable of providing a high level, vocationally focused award to a broad range of professionals. The studying is designed specifically around your professional work, with the aim of enhancing your practice or progression in your chosen performance environment.

Professionals working as coaches and performance specialists across all disciplines in sport are welcomed. The course welcomes, for example:

• Scientists
• Psychologists
• Strength and conditioners
• Analysts
• Medical practitioners
• Military personnel
• Police
• Fire service

Our aim is to support experienced professionals working in performance environments to develop evidenced based solutions to ‘real world’ workplace problems. The MProf and DProf are carefully designed with shared modules providing learners with a seamless transition between the two programmes.

At Master’s level (MProf) or at Doctoral level (DProf), each programme provides an opportunity for those working in elite performance to complete a study programme based on individual needs.

The approaches taken in each of the programmes reflects current thinking on this type of award, being more a matter of guidance and mentoring than a didactic transfer process, closer in many respects to the relationship between supervisor and research student, than that of lecturer and undergraduate student. The aim is
to provide a flexible and individualised learning experience that allows the programme and content to tailor learning around their professional work.