MSc Medical Ultrasound

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Course overview

Enhance your advanced clinical and practical skills in ultrasound

Are you ready for a new and exciting career path? Perhaps you want to work in a different area of the medical profession? Well, have you considered the rewarding and challenging field of Medical Ultrasound? It’s rapidly become an essential part of investigative healthcare and is used to support a variety of medical professionals including radiographers, physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists, nurses, midwives, and doctors.

Developed by our School of Radiology, the MSc Medical Ultrasound course supports your professional development. Accredited by CASE for six years from February 2018, the course will give you the specialist knowledge, plus all the advanced clinical and practical skills needed for ultrasound practice. In your first and second years of the postgraduate degree, you’ll get the chance to select the units that are right for you, choosing between a series of clinical application and non-skills based units to build up your range of abilities.

What’s more, as we know not everyone is available to study on a full-time basis, we’ve made the course part-time so you gain your qualification while you work. The degree is made up of three progressive levels – the Postgraduate Certificate, the Postgraduate Diploma and the Masters – meaning that if you want to finish early you can get an exit qualification at the end of each stage, allowing you to tailor a learning experience that’s right for you.

With our expertise you will develop an understanding of the science and instrumentation of ultrasound in order to produce optimum images, with safety and quality assurance to make sure you lead with best practice. Choose from optional units in Gynaecology, First Trimester, Second and Third Trimester, General and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound to get the most out of your course to suit your needs.

You’ll be taught by actively practising practitioners and highly-qualified academic staff, who will guide you on your educational journey through professional development, experiential learning and reflective practice, tutorials, workshops, practical clinical skills classes, seminars, small group work, and lectures. Private study will form a significant part of your learning; reading and researching and preparing presentations and assignments, spending roughly an average of 8 hours per week study time.

You will have access to our web-based resources, including electronic databases and gateways, and online journals and a discussion forum for you to network with others on your course.

Our MSc Medical Ultrasound course is open for applications via our online application system.