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Football Medicine Meets the Universe of Sport


The Football Medicine Community Meets The Sports Medicine Community

27th, 28th and 29th April - Wembley Stadium, London

The Football Medicine Community has the opportunity to understand the complexity, and the demands of play in numerous other sports played worldwide. Comparison of injury risk, epidemiology, athletic development and recovery strategies are all key areas of the conference. From the collision sports of American Football and Rugby, throwing sports of Baseball and Cricket, individual accuracy sports such as tennis and golf, through to the dynamism of NBA basketball - every sport has a specificity, that influences injury patterns, injury risk and training demands. We believe the exchange of information led by those with deep sport specific experience is of paramount importance to increase Sports Medicine and Science knowledge worldwide. There will be speakers from the most important leagues, international governing bodies and sports organisations from around the globe.

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Wembley Stadium - London HA9 0WS