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The 2021 FMPA conference will take a critical look at the MDT – Fighting for Order Amongst the Chaos:  the Past, Present and Future.  The last 10 years have seen a proliferation of the field of Sports Science and Medicine; for the better?  As each individual discipline strives for recognition amongst a landscape of opinions, how do we create clarity amongst the inevitable chaos? How is it best achieved?  The term interdisciplinary team is frequently used but how does this truly look? More importantly, how does this truly work?  Calling on experts across world leading institutions, a wide-ranging assembly of MDT speakers will discuss best practice, challenges faced and what the future holds for want-to-be world leading performance and medicine departments.

Knowledge is power and strength comes from working together

“The 2019 FMPA Conference was, without question, the best conference I have attended in the last 10 years: the organisers should be congratulated on developing such a wide-ranging and engaging programme. Throughout the two-day conference, knowledgeable and experienced speakers presented high quality lectures on topics of current importance: I am certain that everyone attending the Conference learnt something of value from every presentation.”

Dr Colin Fuller BSc, PhD, FRSC

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“It was great to see such a variety of practitioners, old and young and from different disciplines all congregating to share knowledge and discuss improving athlete health and performance. Improving the links between medical and Strength and Conditioning staff is vital for the holistic development of the athlete and it was great to see a commitment from all to understanding the need for accredited and proven competency in delivering athletic development training to all.”

Kevin Paxton, Head of Academy Sports Science, Leicester City FC


Free for Members final banner
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