FMPA Conference 2022
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What can organisations do to improve the knowledge base and co-operative work mentality to foster improved interdisciplinary support to athletes?


This workshop is designed to explore various strategies to develop the individual staff member to further improve the quality of support they provide to the players. Sometimes this can simply be some evidence based technical skills or knowledge on a specific case study in relation to others which could be extrapolated to suit their own environment. However, a vast percentage of personal development can be arguable achieved from developing personal characteristics or interpersonal communication strategies to impact upon the athlete by better interacting with other coaches and support staff or merely being more reflectively aware of how they can get better. Learning off external support mechanisms is fundamental to obtaining and honest and transparent improvement in knowledge and as such hopefully by exploring how links can be generated in this area will be of use.

Good coaches throughout the world insist winning is simply getting better every time they train / compete irrelevant of the score-line. Another old adage is the athlete wont care how much you know until they can see how much you care and so a better understanding of our own personal frailties and knowledge gaps will be the first step on this path. And so if we can aim to and subsequently understand how to make ourselves better every day then we will be well on the way to become winners in the long run in both our athlete to coach relationship and ultimately success on the pitch.


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Kevin Paxton & Eamonn Salmon


Managing and leading a sports medicine team in football

The short presentation is an overview of lessons that I have learnt Leading a Sports Medicine department. It’s aimed at those who are looking to be involved in possibly leading a Sports Medicine department in the future and some guidance on managing or coping with some of the common problems that can be faced. 

Dr Zafar Iqbal

Head of Medical
Crystal Palace FC


Use and implementation of development programmes within staffs pathway: remembering the person counts

With student post graduate common practice within football it’s important to assess methods to support them and achieve both the practical and academic outcomes of their placements. This talk will explore perspectives on providing different options to support the students on their different journeys.

Dr Steve Barrett

Player Maker &


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Return to play – Are we actually doing enough?

A brief overview of the return to play process following an injury. Assessing how we objectively monitor each stage of the process to ensure we are returning the player in optimal condition. Are we returning to play or returning the player to perform?

Matt Willmott

Head of Physical Performance
Swansea City FC


Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice in Football

Dr Stacey Emmonds

Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching
Leeds Beckett University


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Coaching, context and communication:  Delivering critical insights in real time

The growth of performance analysis has seen the role become an integral part of the coaching process, providing objective information in near real time. The role of the analyst has evolved too, linking closely with the coaching staff to innovate and provide informed insights from a different perspective. This presentation will consider the evolving role of the analyst in the IDT and discuss the practical considerations of embedding this technologically rich discipline in real time, without overstepping the mark.

Dr Andrew Butterworth

Lecturer in Performance Analysis
Loughborough University


Developing a holistic physical pathway

Tom’s presentation will focus on identifying aspects of player development that can be quantified/objectified that can be applied to a club wide model. Creating an environment where “coaches talk” can be translated into categories for assessment and analysis. 

Tom Williams

Head of Performance & Sports Science
LA Galaxy