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Summer 2019 - Issue 29

  • Position specific & positional play training in elite football:  Context Matters
  • FMPA Conference & Award Winners 2019 – in pictures
  • Maximising player availability whilst respecting the fundamental ethics of healthcare in sport
  • Pre-season – when foundations are laid
  • The Football Creditors Rule – What does it mean for you?
  • Can modern football match demands be translated in to novel training and testing modes?

Spring 2019 - Issue 28

  • Understanding the Team behind the Team – UEFA
  • Sports Pharmacist: What the role provides – Paul Moloney
  • Life After Football – Scott Pearce
  • FMPA Conference 2019
  • Translating Strength into Speed – Mike McGurn
  • Are you Surviving or Thriving – Caroline Marlow
  • Spotlight on Substitutes: What do we know – Samuel P Hillis, Steve Barraet, Mark Russell
  • FMPA Register
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Winter 2018/19 - Issue 27

  • The effect of sleep on high speed running during a weekly micro-cycle in elite female soccer players – Wiseman, A, Stebbings, G.K
  • The Officiating Team – Modern care of football referees – Carlo Castagna, Mario Rizzini
  • The temporal pattern of recovery in eccentrix hamstring strength post- soccer specific fatigue – David Rhodes. Lars McNaughton, Matt Greig
  • Life After Football – Simon Maltby
  • Nutritionists in Academy football: A recipe for success? – Mark Russell
  • FMPA Conference and Awards
  • Gilmore’s Groin Revisited – Simon Marsh Rachel Rolph
  • Neurogenic hamstring and calf pain in football When is a tear not a tear? – Dr Simon Petrides
  • The association between physical testing and training output across an 8-week training cycle amongst elite level soccer players – Adam L. Owen Leo Djaoui Bruno Mendes Shane Malone Osman Ates
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Autumn 2018 - Issue 26

  • The Barcelona Way – Professor Damian Hughes
  • Research & Development – What you should know
  • Cardiac Screening Saves Footballers’ Lives – But can we do more? – David Oxborough
  • Are We Squeezing the Life out of Adductor Monitoring? – Gary Silk
  • What do sports medicine professional working in football need to know about sport psychology – Dr Caroline Heaney
  • The Supply of Medicines to Sports Teams – Roni Lennon BSc
  • Life After Football – Rob Swire
  • A Commonly Misdiagnosed Injury; Lisfranc fracture dislocation in a professional soccer player – Ashely Jones, Rodger Wylde, Richard Moss
  • The (Return to Play) Times,  They are a changin’ – Markus Walder, Clare Ardern
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Summer 2018 - Issue 25

  • 5th Annual FMPA Conference & Awards in pictures
  • Hand Injuries in Goalkeepers – Sam Haines, Raj Bhatia
  • Great Toe Plantar Plate Injury – Ioan Tudur Jones
  • Why long-term injury to players is a mental health problem – Dr Misia Gervis
  • Nordic Hamstring Exercise – how can we make it work in the elite football environment – Adam Johnson
  • Musculoskeletal ultrasound: a summary of its uses, limitations and training – Stuart Wildman
  • The 5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games – FMPA Members experiences – Richard Evans, Kevin Peterson, Alan Rankin
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse – Jim Moxon
  • Lisfranc injuries in watersports – Nick Savva
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Spring 2018 - Issue 24

  • Football rehabilitation: How to safely integrate, avoid re-injury and prepare players for the demands of the Premier League – Damian Roden
  • Women’s football and the menstrual cycle… how can we further individualise? Andrew Wiseman
  • FMPA Conference & Awards 2018
  • Grass to Game – Scott Pearce
  • Why screening ‘mental health’ might be the missing link in reducing injury – Andy Barker
  • Don’t waste your time taking antioxidant supplements after exercise – Mayur Ranchordas
  • The effect of three different (135 degrees centrigrade) whole body cryotherapy exposure durations on elite rugby league players – Jill Alexander
  • ‘Context is king’ when interpreting match physical performances – Paul S Bradley, Mark Evans, Andy Laws, Jack D Ade
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Spring 2018 - Issue 24

  • Gym to Grass – Scott Pearce
  • Academy vs First Team: Which path to choose? – Andy Renshaw
  • A critical review of the gender differences in male and female non-contact anterior cruciate ligament risk factors and prevention in soccer – Andrew Wiseman
  • Sports science and medicine provisions in the fifth tier – Mike Hine
  • Wait, don’t tell me: facilitating organic knowledge generation within professional football – Neil Gibson, Graeme Jones, Robert McCann
  • The prevalence and associated risk factors of knee osteoarthritis in ex-professional footballers compared to general population – Dr Gwen Fernandes
  • Medicines management in sport – Steve Simbler
  • Does the stigma attached to mental health restrict professional footballers seeking professional help whilst still actively playing? – Jordan Luke Broadbent
  • A study to assess the efficacy of joint flossing in the ankle mobility of elite male football players – Arun Gray
  • An exploratory investigation into patterns of training load prior to non-contact injury in elite youth soccer players – R. Wrigley, C. Barnes, V. Unnithan