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Swellaway Limited is the company behind the ProMOTION EV1 – a cutting edge new device created to support athletes to get back to fitness, faster.

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The Swellaway team has worked closely with elite sports clubs, physiotherapists and University academics to develop this innovative new technology.

Each stage of product development has been backed by robust scientific evidence thanks to a unique Knowledge Transfer Partnership with University of Central Lancashire and Manchester Metropolitan University.

The ProMOTION EV1 is trusted by professional athletes and elite clubs, and backed by research.

It can be used for musculoskeletal aches, pains and strains across the body, to apply targeted cryotherapy, heat, or contrast therapy, between the ranges of 6°C – 40°C and the option of compression from 20mmHg to 75mmHg.

It’s a versatile, portable, cordless and easy to use handheld device, that requires no ice or water.

Whilst physiotherapists cannot be alongside athletes 24 hours a day, they can support them remotely with ProMOTION EV1, empowering athletes to take control of their own therapy and improve the timescale of their recovery.


Please visit today to arrange a no-obligation call to find out more about ProMOTION EV1.

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ProMOTION EV1 at a glance:

  • contrast therapy through a combination of cooling, heating and compression
  • temperature range from 6-40°C, with rapid temperature changes
  • compression range from 20mmHg-75mmHg
  • precise control of temperature and compression levels throughout the treatment program
  • portability allows for therapy on the move
  • pre-set programs for athletes to use at home or on the go
  • history logs to track and monitor athlete’s use
  • targeted therapy to prevent unwanted reduction in muscle strength