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The FMPA accepts guest submissions on any topic related to sport that our readers would be interested in.

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Primary ACL Reconstruction in Professional Footballers: Factors Affecting Return to Play and Graft Re-rupture

Kyle Borque, Ganesh Balendra, Mary Jones, Mitzi Laughlin, Lukas Willinger, Vitor Hugo Pinheiro, Andy Williams

Describing the Epidemiology of Injuries in U.S. Collegiate Women’s Soccer: 2014/15 – 2018/19

Avinash Chandran, Christy L. Collins

The FIFA Football Language

Chris Loxston

COVID-19 and No End!?

Monica Duarte Muñoz, Tim Meyer

Investigating Key Load Indicators and Load Variability in Professional Football

José M. Oliva Lozano

Innovation in Analysis: Never Standing Still (Part 2)

Michael Cooper

Contextualised Training Load in Elite Football: Adding a Narrative to the Numbers

Paul Bradley

FMPA Podcast with Rachel Davis – Why is There a Lack of Women Working in Men’s Football?

Sports Dentistry: Maintaining Elite Sporting Performance By Preventing Dental Disease at the Academy Level

Dr Saul Konviser


Editorial Panel

Sean Carmody

SENIOR EDITOR – Sean Carmody

Dr Sean Carmody is a medical doctor working within the NHS and with Queens Park Rangers FC. He is also Secretary of the FA Medical Society.

Fadi Hassan

SENIOR EDITOR – Dr Fadi Hassan

Dr Fadi Hassan is a West Midlands based medical doctor working within the NHS  and with Birmingham City Football Club Academy.

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SENIOR EDITOR – Dr Andrew Shafik

Dr Andrew Shafik is a medical doctor working within the NHS and as Lead Academy Doctor at Millwall FC. He is also Assistant Secretary of the FA Medical Society and carries out work for the British Journal of Sports Medicine and Football Research Group.

Dr Manroy Sahni

Dr Manroy Sahni

Medical Doctor

Aston Villa FC Academy

Dr Manroy Sahni is a medical doctor working within the NHS and at Aston Villa FC Academy.


Dr Andrew Butterworth

Senior Lecturer

University of Derby

Dr. Andrew Butterworth is an applied performance analyst, working with a range of different sports to provide analytical support. He is also a senior lecturer & programme leader at the University of Derby.

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Matthew Brown

Academy Sports Scientist

Paris Saint Germain FC

Matthew Brown is currently the academy sports scientist at Paris Saint Germain F.C and is also a PhD candidate in collaboration with the French National Institute of Sport Expertise and Performance (INSEP).

Connie Briggs

Connie Briggs

Specialist MSK


Connie Briggs works as a Specialist MSK Physiotherapist in Central London and Academy Physiotherapist at Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Frankie Hunter

Frankie Hunter

Lead Sports Scientist

Middlesbrough FC

Frankie Hunter is the Lead Sport Scientist at Middlesbrough Football Club. Frankie has previously held roles at Hull City and Southampton.

Dr Nirmala Perera

Dr Nirmala Perera

Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Oxford

Dr Nirmala Perera is a postdoctoral fellow based at the University of Oxford. Her research is focused on injury surveillance and optimising implementation of injury prevention programmes in youth sports, with a special interest in the female athlete.