The FMPA accepts guest submissions on any topic related to sport that our readers would be interested in.  Please send submissions to  All submissions are read promptly and submitted to the education panel for review.

FMPA Editorial Article Guidelines

Title: Catchy title


  • Author name including titles
  • Author affiliations
  • Author bio photo

1. Introduction

• This can be a few short sentences introducing the article

2. First Subheading

  • To Signpost Reader
  • Body of text
  • Main focus is on clear communication and practical points- we welcome the use of bullet points

3. Second Subheading

• Same points as above

Can include further subheadings as appropriate

4. Conclusion

  • Key points for football medicine and performance community from the article
  • 2-3 sentences/bullet points summarising key take home messages

5. Acknowledgements

• If appropriate but not necessary

6. References

• As appropriate

Minimum of 2 graphics- tables/images/infographics

*Article word count 800-2000 words* however this can be flexible as it’s digital. If there is much more content than the designated word count, articles can be split into a multi-part series*

We invite authors to produce an infographic for release in the editorial in support of their article or in a future edition.

We also invite authors to follow up discussing their article and work on the Football Medicine and Performance podcast. If you are interested, please email for further information.