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Are standards of care falling in the professional game?

FMPA CEO Eamonn Salmon shares some of his concerns in the professional game.

“One of our main aims has always been to improve standards but there are many questions still to be addressed; areas such as governance, indemnity, safeguarding, fitness to practise and the increasing `brain drain` of skilled practitioners from the game, to name but a few. We should be very concerned that, in some areas, standards are actually falling Some of this is centred around cost saving measures at clubs who seem to think that as long as they have the minimum requirements in place, then everything is ok. Let me give one example for all to consider. If healthcare insurers determined long ago that their members (the public) can only be treated by practitioners who have a minimum of 5 years post graduate experience, why is it that `football` is happy for new graduates to treat professional players the day after graduation?”
Eamonn Salmon
CEO Football Medicine & Performance Association