ISSUE 41 – WINTER 2023

  • Defenders Run More in Formations with a Back Three – Leon Forcher
  • Rehabilitation of Acute Ankle Sprain in Football – Cian Gormley
  • Location, Location, Location: a Key Consideration in Hamstring Rehabilitation – Ferghal Kerin
  • Role of the Sport Scientist in Elite Football & Being a Woman in the Football Industry – Dr. Laura Bowen Interview by Elle Trezise
  • Understanding the Rectus Femoris: Anatomy, Diagnosis & Types of Injuries – Carles Pedret, Iñigo Iriarte, Sandra Mechó
  • Protecting Players from the Effects of Concussion: A Knee Jerk Reaction or Better Safe than Sorry? – Phillip Heritage
  • Understanding Recruitment of Backroom Talent in Elite Professional Football – Dr. Dan Parnell
  • Medical Notekeeping Standards Across English Football: The Good, the Bad and the Athlete Passport App – Dr. Ronnie Banerjee
  • Lessons Other Sports Can Learn from Formula 1 – Dr Daniela Mifsud

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FMPA Conference 2023

This years conference will incorporate a variety of speaker disciplines that work with an injured player across all the phases of the rehabilitation process such as the Clean-up, acute stages of injury management
through to the Clearance of necessary mobility and activation aspects to undertake more intermediate mid stage protocols of Co-ordination and Change of Direction through to end stage aspects whereby you Chase & Condition certain types of worse case scenarios and then
finally onto the return to the 4-corner markers of being ready to Compete. We hope you will enjoy the wide spectrum of information on show and the engagement of discussing in person how we as practitioners can improve upon the process of;

“Rehabilitation – Clean-Up to Compete”

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The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM) is a non-profit making scientific electronic journal, publishing research and review articles, together with case studies, in the fields of sports medicine and the exercise sciences.

The BJSM is a biweekly peer-reviewed medical journal covering sports science and sports medicine.

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