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Treatment of meniscal lesions

Treatment of Meniscal injuries in professional football players


FEATURE / K.BORQUE, M.JONES, M.LAUGHLIN, M.COHEN, D.JOHNSON & A.WILLIAMS Meniscal injuries in footballers are a common cause of missed game time and even have the potential to be career shortening. While the treatment approach must take into account the footballer’s position, time in season, and contract status, goals remain the same: achieving the quickest safe […]

Matthew Buckthorpe

NEW PODCAST: Rehabilitation and return to sport after ACL reconstruction – DR MATTHEW BUCKTHORPE


Dr Matthew Buckthorpe is an educator, applied researcher and practitioner focusing on sports injury rehabilitation, prevention, and performance coaching. He has worked as a sport injury rehabilitation specialist and R&D specialist with the Isokinetic Medical Group. He has recently transitioned to academia, now as a senior lecturer in Strength and conditioning and physiology at St […]


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SwimEx pools provide sports medicine professionals with the ideal hydrotherapy tool for advanced recovery, training and conditioning. The variable flow water current, power driven underwater treadmills, high performance interiors with therapy protocol work stations and SwimEx EDGE touchscreen fitness monitor create the ultimate aquatic environment for progressive treatment plans and winning training programmes. As used by New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, Help For Heroes, Wolverhampton Wanderers and the British MOD. READ MORE

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