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ProMOTION EV1 is a cutting-edge device, designed to help reduce recovery times in elite athletes.

Developed in partnership with elite sports clubs, physiotherapists and academics and using the latest thermoelectric technology, it is designed to tackle the key challenges faced with soft tissue rehabilitation, targeted pre- exercise warm-up and post-exercise recovery.

Offering cooling, heating and compression therapy all in one device, ProMOTION EV1 works for every stage of the healing process.

Business Partner Feature

SwimEx Sports Performance Pools and Accelerated recovery hot and cold deep water plunge pools.

SwimEx Sports Fitness, Hydrotherapy Pools and Plunge Pools have delivered Sports Wellbeing since 1986. SwimEx’s unique paddlewheel delivers fantastic laminar flow water resistance for sports peak performance training and rehabilitation. Athletes can also commence recovery exercises much earlier due to the buoyancy of the SwimEx variable depth deep water wells  alleviating their bodyweight, accelerating their return to action and helping prevent future injuries.

SwimEx also offer motorised underwater treadmills for aqua running which can be included in a new pool or a drop in self propelled resistance version for existing pools.