The provision of legal services is perhaps the most important of all the FMPA’s services on behalf of our members.  Working as we do in an exceptional environment requires exceptional representation – one with specific knowledge and expertise of the industry. The precarious nature of employment inherent in the game means that having the very best legal support in place is not only essential but very likely a necessity.

Our lawyers

Knights 1759 are our designated law firm and more specifically our point of contact is Martin Price.  Martin has over 20 years’ experience working in professional football and understands the complexities and intricacies of the industry.  Working on behalf of members of the LMA as well as our own members means Martin is at the forefront of employment law in Professional Football and is consequently much sought after

Our Services

  • Expert legal support* in the event of departure from a Club
  • Contract evaluation and advice. This is a free service conducted by our Lawyers on behalf of members and ensures you have a robust and appropriate contract in place.
  • Disputes/Disciplinary issues do arise within our working environment and the FMPA are a trusted and reliable point of contact should such events occur. Often talking things through confidentially can help to clarify matters and we are here to assist members with discretion and experience.
  • Clinical issues – a member who has the need to discuss a clinical issue within their discipline  is able to access our team of expert practitioners in order to discuss an issue or simply seek guidance and advice.

Members can contact any of the following via the FMPA Office:

Medicine: Stephen Feldman / Bryan English

Sports Science: Tony Strudwick / Barry Drust

Physiotherapy: Dave Fevre/Grant Downie

Sports Therapy: Neil Sullivan

Soft Tissue Therapy: Gary Armer

  • Conditional legal services: The full spectrum of legal advice and services are available via our lawyers Knights 1759 who can be contacted via the FMPA office.


*minimum 3 months membership applies