The personal and professional welfare of our Members is of paramount importance.  Working in an environment that often demands duties way beyond that of a practitioners’ normal remit means that Members are particularly at risk of stress and fatigue.

Our aim is to address all aspects of the working environment on behalf of our members and to act as a guiding force in determining the pathway in which improvements are made. Raising standards is of paramount importance and implementation of best practice can alleviate many of the issues that concern us.


The FMPA is a well connected organisation both within and beyond football and can assist members with any personal or professional enquiry in a discreet and confidential manner. We field dozens of calls each season assisting members who are experiencing difficulties in their work environment and this is now a valuable service we provide to members.


The FMPA has established a confidential mental health helpline for our Members Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm.   If you would like to discuss any issue concerning your mental health or that of another please click the link below to email or call us.



The wellbeing of members is one of the 4 pillars of the FMPA as an association and is an important aspect of the service provision.

L&M Consultancy, a leading business that works with organisations ‘to promote the positive psychological wellbeing shown by research and practice to enable sustainable, optimal performance’ has led to the introduction of a series of articles which will tackle issues that are pertinent to the membership, both
in their professional capacity and on a personal level.

Social support for wellbeing (Part 1): How to gain and use support well

Songs tell us that we’ll get by with a little help from our friends. We all know that others can help, but few of us use support enough or well enough. Other things come first. You don’t know anyone who can help. You are embarrassed to ask. You don’t want to bother others.

But are you missing out on a simple way of coping, moving on, improving and thriving?

How to thrive with a little help from your friends

A quick reminder that wellbeing includes feeling; competent, autonomous, valued, supported and part of a community, gives some indication as to why social support can be so beneficial to our mental and social health, and in turn, physical health. But how often and how strategically do we seek and engage the support of others?  READ ARTICLE

Are you surviving or thriving?

You do so much to help your team succeed, but by giving so much, do you actually give less? Looking after yourself is vital when supporting others, particularly when working in a demanding world such as football. READ ARTICLE


Looking after our members is of course a priority for the FMPA.  Find out how we can support and assist members who find themselves out of work.  Click HERE


We are able to put members in touch with a range of services such as wealth management, insurance services, financial and pension services.  Email us for further information info@fmpa.co.uk


Our car lease partners can offer discounted fees and administration costs as well as a competitive monthly rate on the full range of lease options.


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