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The FMPA – positioning our Members at the forefront of the jobs market in Professional Football.

Working in professional football is probably one of the most exciting and rewarding environments you could possibly work in as a medical or science practitioner. Being at the centre of the Game day to day, travelling with the team, visiting away stadiums, cup competitions, training with the players. No wonder it is the dream of so many.

Yet this is a unique experience enjoyed by a select few.

This is why, in what is an extremely competitive industry, it is vital to prepare and position yourself in the best place possible in order to apply for posts within the game.

The MPA Diploma:  Preparation for working in professional football is a unique course is designed for new graduates and those entering into a professional sporting arena for the first time.

The FMPA is already established as the first point of contact for Clubs when they wish to advertise jobs. Heads of Medicine & Performance are Members of the Association and accordingly they support the FMPA by ensuring this remains the case. The FMPA are also a trusted entity in the recruitment arena so HR departments, CEOs and Club Secretaries are familiar with the process of posting positions with us.

All members receive an email alert as soon as a position is posted. This gives them priority notification which means their applications can be at the Club before many are even aware of its existence.

Why Clubs use the FMPA

When it comes to recruitment it makes sense to use a facility that understands the nature of the posts in question – The FMPA have the knowledge and expertise to guide and work with Clubs and the recruitment service

Clubs want access to the best resource of practitioners – Our members make up one of the best databases for medicine and performance practitioners in world football – the perfect resource for clubs and emerging football nations will definitely wish to access.

Clubs need to use a search facility that is credible and trustworthy – the FMPA is a member association with credible and trusted at its core.

If you are serious about your career in Professional Football you need to be a member of the FMPA

The FMPA – positioning our Members at the forefront of the jobs market in Professional Football.

While the FMPA will promote and support this service to clubs, we will not at any time be influential in the decision making process.

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