Union Representation & Support


What the FMPA can offer*

  • Your right to be accompanied by a union representative at meetings at work.
  • The different types of workplace meetings if you have a problem or concern.
  • How to prepare your case if you have a problem work
  • Importance of a Written Statements for grievance and disciplinary hearings – and what it should contain
  • Your rights if you are suspended from work
  • How to Appeal against the outcome of a meeting
  • Settlements agreements – their role in resolving differences with your employer
  • Last minute settlements once you have started legal proceedings
  • The role of ACAS in solving your problems at work
  • Occupational health reports – considerations on whether to agree to them
  • Data subject access requests – what to ask and their tactical use
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The Process*

  1. Once you get in touch, we will first provide you with a free consultation. This will involve evaluating your representation needs, discussing how best to construct your case, what you need to do to prepare, and your prospects of success.
  2. If you are submitting a grievance (or similar) complaint, we can guide you with what to write in your complaint letter. Or your Appeal Letter if you have had an unsatisfactory outcome to an earlier disciplinary or grievance hearing.
  3. Produce a detailed and persuasive Written Statement for you. How well-written and professional this is will be critical to how successful you are achieving the outcome you are seeking.
  4. Arrange for you to be accompanied at any Formal Meetings by an exceptionally experienced and professional representative of a trade union, who will present your case in by far the most effective and compelling way.
  5. Negotiate a Settlement Agreement for you if you have a strong case and your employer wants to avoid the time and cost of legal proceedings.
  6. Provide you with guidance and support if you eventually need to take your case to employment tribunal.

Depending on your representation needs, you may want to use all, or just some, of these services.

You can get in touch with us in complete confidence here or call 0333 4567897.

*Minimum THREE month membership applies to access this service