Union Representation & Support

If you run into problems at work, we can help to ensure that you are treated fairly.  Whether the problem is with employment contracts, harassment, redundancy, pensions or discrimination we are here to help you.

Members should note that this support is a discretionary benefit and is strictly limited to disciplinary procedures involving a member and their respective football Club. Any request for union support will be assessed on a case by case basis using criteria that is determined by the FMPA and the GFTU and any such decision will be final.

Where a disciplinary outcome is to be appealed against or proceed to a tribunal this will not form part of the cover provided by the FMPA. Members wishing to avail themselves of legal services in this instance will need to enter into an arrangement with our solicitors in terms of how this is funded.*

You can get in touch with us in complete confidence here or
call 0333 4567897

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*Some members may have legal expenses within their home/car insurance policy.

Depending on your representation needs, you may want to use all, or just some, of these services.

Applicants for this service must

  • Be a FULL member of the FMPA (minimum of 6 months)
  • Hold a current full time contract with their Club