Football Medicine & Performance Publication

ISSUE 44 – AUTUMN 2023

  • Wellbeing and Challenges of a Playing 30 and Coaching Career - Interview with Steven Reid
  • Exploring the Role of Differential Learning 36 in the Development & Coaching of Footballers - Dr David Turner
  • Tactical Periodisation in Football (Part II): Load Monitoring in Football - Rainer van Gaal Appelhof
  • Relational Performance: A Model and Tool for the Team Behind the Team - David Clancy
  • Wellbeing Support for Goalkeepers in Football Academies is Improving - Calum Brodie, Jonny Glen and Professor David Lavallee
  • Breaking the Silence: Ending the Stigma of Mental Health in Football - Dr Gary Souter
  • From Scotty Dogs to Bird Dogs and More: Rehabbing Pars Injuries Back to the Pitch - Ed Clarke
  • The Influence of Physical Performance on Technical and Tactical Outcomes in the UEFA Champions League - Dr James J. Malone

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