• Why FMPA register, Isn’t this just advertising?

    No. The FMPA Register is an invaluable directory of elite practitioners, who have the skills, experience and expertise from working in professional football. The FMPA Register will promote you to a wide audience including clubs, colleagues, fan bases and offer support to grassroots football. We help you to grow your reputation – amplified through our continual marketing on this site, through our social media platforms and through our vast database including businesses who are supportive of our grassroots initiative “Giving Back to the Game”.

    The FMPA will bring together the public, who are looking for practitioners they can trust, who have the experience and skills to treat a football injury and promote a rapid return to play.

  • Most of my work already comes via recommendation – why should I join?

    If most of your work comes from recommendations, then you are exactly the type of practitioner we are looking for. We want people who are proud of their reputation and who know it works for them as the best form of advertising. If you’re not getting work by recommendation, we would be asking why.

  • I’ve got too much work and I’m booked up for months – why should I join?

    The majority of our members join primarily for the credibility. We can help you stay ahead of your competitors by providing another reason for customers to choose you first. Make sure your top of mind when a club, colleague or member of the public needs your skills.

  • I’m just starting out – is the FMPA Register right for me?

    It is the perfect time to join the FMPA Register.  Whether you’re looking to further your career in professional football, offer consultancy to clubs or increase your client base and support grassroots football, we will promote you to your target audience.

    We can advise you on how to get the most from your membership, give you marketing options, and help you build your brand through the many benefits of FMPA Membership, including publishing articles in ‘football medicine and performance’. As the fastest growing publication in professional football/sport our reach is expanding ever further and is now read across the football industry in both hard copy and online.

  • Do you cover where I work?

    Registrants must have worked in a professional capacity with players or a club in the top 5 tiers in English football, the top 2 tiers in Scotland, National Teams or the FA WSL1.

    The FMPA Register has grown from a local reference service to cover an entire region. However our system does work nationwide and the Register is constantly gaining new members.

    If you found FMPA Register on the web, so can your customers. And if you are one of the first few in your area to take advantage of this, you will really stand out from the competition.


    The FMPA Register to grassroots football initiative is a theme that resonates for all practitioners “Giving Back to the Game”, which involves FMPA Registered practitioners being encouraged to offer discounts to grassroots players.


    The FMPA Register

    • Registrants must have worked in a professional capacity with players or a club in the top 5 tiers in English football, the top 2 tiers in Scotland, National Teams or the FA WSL1.
    • Full members consist of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists, Sports Scientists and Soft Tissue Therapists.
    • Affiliate members consist of Surgeons, Physicians, Podiatrists, Sports Psychologists, Osteopaths/Chiropractors, Dentists, Opticians, Nutritionists.
    • Strict guidelines as to eligibility for register entitlement are already established and each application will be verified on an individual basis.
    • Registrant members will require authorisation before a listing becomes active.
    • All practitioners must be registered with their individual professional registration bodies.
    • All practitioners must become members of the FMPA and remain as members for the duration of their listing on the register.
    • The FMPA reserves the right to refuse, remove or cancel membership, registration and profile on the FMPA Register.
  • JOINING FMPA REGISTER – What will it cost?

    Lets look at the value of FMPA membership as a whole, and then you can look at the cost. Ask:

    How valuable is it to be able to say that you are part of the only organisation that truly understands the complexities of your working environment?

    What is it worth to know that you have been sourced – because you can prove your reputation and your competitors can’t?

    How much do the benefits of FMPA membership compare to receiving no support, no insight and no guidance that may affect you from working in the football industry?

    99.9% of our members renew their membership every year because they know it more than pays for itself.

    The benefits of FMPA membership is spread over 12 months via Direct Debit.

    It is quick and easy to join online CLICK HERE

    Alternatively contact our membership team on 0333 456 7897 or complete our online form to request a call back.

  • Do I have to pay up front?

    No. Membership fees are taken by monthly Direct Debit which is inclusive of both your FMPA Membership and FMPA Register fee.

  • How do I find out more?

    To get a full picture of the benefits of FMPA membership and what it would mean for you, full details including cost can be found here

    Alternatively call us on 0333 456 7897, or complete our online form to request a call back.