Think your players are fit?  So did this Premier League Team.

Following pre-season training a Premier League club undertook a four-week hypoxic training study where two small groups did three, 30 minute sessions a week using both hypoxia and moderate heat.  One group was in hypoxia, the other was in ‘sham’ hypoxia.  The test regime looked at OBLA (4mmol lactate) before and after the training period.  To their surprise, the players who had the hypoxic stimulus showed the best improvements, with one player recording an improvement of over 16%!

So, even when you’re doing everything else right, there is still one other intervention that can bust the performance plateau on even the fittest player.  

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Sporting Edge (UK) Ltd

Sporting Edge is a UK based manufacturing company with an expanding global reputation as the leader in the design and provision of Altitude & Environmental Facilities.

Sporting Edge systems deliver measurable fitness and performance improvements in as little as three weeks, with the added benefit of allowing fitness levels to be retained during injury repair – speeding up return to play.

Since 2005, Sporting Edge has consistently set the benchmark for performance, safety, reliability and control for Simulated Altitude, Temperature & Relative Humidity, supported by a number of patents and innovations.  Endorsed by the UK Sports Institute (EIS) and with a client list including many UK Universities, Olympic facilities, Professional Sports Teams and Commercial Physical Performance Centres, Sporting Edge have more installations, delivering completely unmatched performance and control, than any other sector company.

If you would like to learn more, visit and maybe take a look at the research library section to see how you could benefit from a class leading, Altitude and/or Environmental chamber for you and your team. Beneficial to general squad fitness or return to play protocols, adding one of our chambers may be enough to give you the EDGE this season.

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