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Looking after our members is a priority for the FMPA, accordingly we have revisited our support assistance for those members who exit their current role at a Club.  On exiting a Club full Members[1] can benefit from expert legal guidance and advice in tackling the immediate issues surrounding their departure.  We place a clear emphasis on keeping our members profile current and supporting them in their endeavours to return to the game or develop a private practice/consultancy.  Our register of practitioners does not just host a profile picture. The FMPA have two full-time staff who promote Members on a regular basis through a raft of mediums to professional clubs, colleagues and the non-league and grassroots game.

Here is how we can support and assist members who find themselves out of work. This will include:

  • Immediate advice and guidance from the FMPA on all matters leading up to a settlement offer.
  • The very best legal support on a one to one basis from our expert Lawyers who have handled over 200 successful claims on behalf of the FMPA.
  • Automatic change of membership to Affiliate with cost savings as a result.
  • Opportunity to place members in touch with a colleague who has gone through the same process.
  • The offer to post a statement on our website.
  • Opportunity to submit an article for the FMPA Magazine, which will highlight your expertise and bio keeping your profile current
  • Free listing on the FMPA Register for 12 months[2].
  • Full support and assistance with your Register profile
  • Active social media promotion showcasing your experience and expertise


For more information on how we can help contact [email protected]


[1] Minimum 3 month membership term applies.

[2] This is available to those without immediate future employment.  Where a member returns to work in any capacity this offer will expire.