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The Importance of a uniform club philosophy for enhancing athlete health and performance

ADAM BRETT & WILL ABBOTT – Brighton & Hove Albion FC

Professional football clubs are huge organisms, with numerous contributing parts. To achieve success it is vital the individual parts, for example the science and medical department, are aligned and working towards a common goal. Considering science and medical departments are comprise of physiotherapy, sport science, strength and conditioning, psychology and nutrition disciplines, this can equate to a large number staff. To increase collaboration between sub-disciplines, and avoid working within individual ‘silos’, a collective philosophy for the department must be formulated. A departmental philosophy, that each staff member and sub-discipline has contributed towards, allows for a collective vision and direction to be established. This ensures staff member’s efforts are streamlined towards the overall aim, and ensures accountability within the department. From an academy perspective, it is vital the academy aims and philosophy feeds into the 1st Team’s. The academy aim is to produce players for the 1st Team, with a higher likelihood of success if the 1st Team’s aims, philosophy, and athlete expectations are considered.