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Staff at Bury FC and Bolton Wanderers FC supported by FMPA

The FMPA was established in order to provide support and assistance to members in their time of need. The situation at both Bury FC and Bolton Wanderers FC in recent months has, without doubt, been difficult for all concerned and not least our Members.

“The recent situation at Bury FC meant this was a difficult working environment for staff as well as players with added financial struggle. Personally, I was extremely grateful for the support and guidance offered by the FMPA throughout this period, especially from the help of Martin Price [FMPA Lawyer].  In such circumstances it is vital to have somewhere to turn to and the FMPA did everything they could to help me during this time.”  Tom Walsh, Sports Therapist, formerly Bury FC

The FMPA have been in constant dialogue with Members via the Heads of Departments at both Clubs and have also facilitated direct contact with our lawyers who were able to offer expert guidance and advice throughout this time.

“After the conclusion to the problems at Bolton Wanderers I would like to thank the FMPA for their support during what was an extremely difficult time.  They were available at all times and their advice and assistance were invaluable.  As a Medical and Performance practitioner I was totally unprepared for the situation I found myself in and the staff and lawyers at the FMPA provided the guidance I needed to cope with an unprecedented situation.”  Nick Allamby, Head of Sports Science, Bolton Wanderers FC

“I would like to thank the FMPA, and especially Eamonn [FMPA CEO] and Martin [FMPA Lawyer] for their invaluable legal advice and support during this incredibly challenging period.”  Matt Barrass, Head Physiotherapist, Bolton Wanderers FC

In a time of grave uncertainty Members were able to seek the confidential support they needed.