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FMPA: Since 2010

In its original format my message for our Members was celebratory. This week is the 10th anniversary of the FMPA`s launch in April 2010 and there is of course much to celebrate in terms of our achievements. But in the space of a few days it no longer seems important – or appropriate – to extol the virtues of our successes.

The Covid-19 pandemic is now firmly upon us and our attention has necessarily turned towards a focus on the devastation this is causing to our way of life, to our families, our friends, our colleagues and our members.

But it is in times of adversity that renewed vigour can emerge as a driving force and accordingly the FMPA has never been busier. In the main this has been in support of our members through discussion and dialogue, via telephone calls, emails, podcasts, and the posting of vital and key information on legal, financial and mental health support. All of which has never been needed more than at this time.

The rallying cry nationally is of course for communities to work together in dealing with this crisis and that is exactly the strategy that will work for our community of medicine and performance practitioners. We are all in this together and need to work as a team supporting colleagues who may be going through a difficult time.

There is also the belief that we will all come out of this pandemic stronger and I believe this will be the case for the FMPA. Football will return and our national game will drive the sense of optimism that will emerge. We will all be part of that recovery and I look forward to ensuring that our members are recognised for their efforts and endeavours through this unprecedented time.

On a personal note I look forward in particular to our Conference in 2021, and the opportunity to celebrate with everyone, our 11th Anniversary.

Eamonn Salmon