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Redundancies & Dismissals: One year on….

One year on from the first lockdown and the FMPA are beginning to see an upsurge in redundancies and dismissals for their members. In what is currently an uncertain industry there has never been a more important time to ensure you have the support of a member organisation whose inside knowledge and experience of how clubs work and the nuances that exist in football are absolutely vital.

As well as guiding members through the complexities of redundancy our lawyers are frequently undertaking evaluations of member contracts giving recommendations and guidance and thereby ensuring our Members have a satisfactory and robust contract in place. This of course is vitally important for those whose positions are terminated since it is that very contract that forms the basis of negotiations. The value of our legal support framework should not be underestimated.

The FMPA Legal team also offer incredible support and expertise to Members not only at a time of real need but in an ongoing capacity and throughout the legal spectrum.

On exiting a club full Members can benefit from expert legal guidance and advice in tackling the immediate issues surrounding their departure. Meanwhile we place a clear emphasis on keeping our members profile current and supporting them in their endeavours to return to the game or move into a private practice/consultancy.

Here are just some of the ways we support and assist members ;

  • Immediate advice and guidance from the FMPA on all matters leading up to a settlement offer.
  • The very best legal support on a one to one basis from our expert Lawyers who have handled hundreds of successful claims on behalf of FMPA members.
  • Automatic change of membership to Affiliate with cost savings as a result.
  • Opportunity to place members in touch with a colleague who has experienced the same process.
  • The offer to post a statement on our website.
  • Opportunity to submit an article for the FMPA Magazine, which will highlight your expertiseand bio keeping your profile current
  • Free listing on the FMPA Register for 12 months.
  • Full support and assistance with your Register profile
  • Active social media promotion showcasing your experience and expertise

“I cannot stress enough the importance of membership of the FMPA, whose help and guidance have been invaluable.  I would urge anyone involved in medical/science role to take advantage of the tremendous benefits afforded to Member practitioners”

Paul Atkinson, former Physiotherapist, Plymouth Argyle (June 2020)

Minimum 3 months membership needed in order to access our legal services.