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As we come to the end of another exciting football season, we reflect on the many triumphs and challenges that we have encountered over the course of the season. In this edition, we bring you a range of articles covering a diverse set of topics, starting with an overview of common injuries experienced by professional footballers as well as avenues of management.

We also explore the use of ultrasound assessment of hamstring muscle structure, offering a valuable tool for monitoring and managing injuries in this important muscle group. As well as hamstring muscle assessment, this edition delves into the assessment of another important structure and a common site of injury in footballers, the hip and groin. We take a closer look at the latest research and practical strategies in managing and preventing these common injuries. We feel the two areas above are important to cover, especially at times of fixture congestion or towards the end of the season. This leads us to the topic of tactical periodisation and how it aims to optimise the athlete’s preparation to football matches. This is particularly key towards the end of the season and this article is the first of a two part series on this topic.

As well as injuries, this edition explores the role of sports nutrition and psychology in the process of returning players to the pitch, highlighting key strategies and considerations for effective rehabilitation. Hence, we feel this edition offers a multidisciplinary approach to the care of footballers by covering multiple domains.

We hope you enjoy the 42nd edition of Football Medicine & Performance and as usual, we always welcome your feedback.

Dr Sean Carmody, Editor, FMPA Magazine

Dr Fadi Hassan, Editor, FMPA Magazine

Dr. Andrew Shafik, Editor, FMPA Magazine