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HOW SPECIALIST PRACTITIONERS IntegratE within our industry – or not?

“Phones are for calling people and cameras are for taking photographs”, lamented one member;

“We should all work together and be able to do much the same work as each other”, suggested another.

The underlying question these comments ask is ‘should we have strict parameters and guidelines around each discipline so that everyone knows precisely what their role is OR should we all have an understanding of each other’s work sufficient that the best person for the job is the one who will get the most out of a player regardless of discipline?’

It’s an interesting question.

The comments were of course a reference to the plethora of different specialist practitioners within our industry and the way in which they integrate – or not – on a day-to-day basis in managing players.

Recently, a member called to complain that they had not been involved in a players rehab. It turned out that the player had been passed around between a sports therapist, a sports scientist then on to a physiotherapist and finally a Strength and Conditioning Coach. Given the players career was ultimately on the line and the overall rehab process had not been successful, this had led to finger pointing and blame being bandied about amongst those involved. Some of our members jobs were also therefore on the line.

Like it or not this scenario is not uncommon and staff integration is a topic that arises more frequently than any other in general conversations.

The answer to such a scenario might just be found at our Annual Conference, which explores the roles and contribution that each discipline can make to the overall rehabilitation process. With a raft of case studies and superb line-up of speakers I am sure there will ensue a lively debate and maybe a workable solution to an ongoing issue.