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Infographic. Injury mechanisms and situational patterns of severe lower limb muscle injuries in male professional football (soccer) players: a systematic video analysis study on 103 cases

Francesco Della Villa,  Bruno Massa,  Antonio Bortolami1  Gianni Nanni,  Jesus Olmo, 

Muscle injuries are the most common type of injury in elite male football and constitute to about a third of total time loss.1 Hamstring injuries are on the rise and now account for nearly one in every four injuries.2 Most muscle injuries in football have short lay-off times (within 4 weeks), while 11% are severe (absence >28 days).1 These severe injuries are the most challenging ones to treat and are associated with a high risk of reinjury.1

A comprehensive description of the injury epidemiology and injury mechanisms and situational patterns using video analysis can support the design …

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