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High Grade Hamstring Tendon Injury Management

Date: 24/01/2022
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A holistic review of high grade hamstring tendon injury management with talks from physiotherapist, medical doctors and surgical experts.

About this event

This is the notice for the 2nd meeting of the FA Medical Society for the 2021/22 season in collaboration with Isokinetic on Monday 21st January 2021 at 18:55 with the programme organised by Co-Chairmen Dr Zafar Iqbal (Crystal Palace FC), Dr Imtiaz Ahmad (QPR FC), Secretary Dr Sean Carmody (Chelsea FC), Assistant Secretaries Dr Andrew Shafik (Millwall FC) and Dr Gautam Menon.


18:55 INTRODUCTION from the committee for evening

Dr Imtiaz Ahmad – Co-Chariman, The FA Medical Society, QPR FC

19:00 Getting an accurate radiological diagnosis

Dr Gajan Rajeswaran – OneWellbeck

19:15 Conservative management of high grade tendon injuries

Dr Noel Pollock– ISEH

19:40 Conservative management case study

Mr Daniel Simm– Watford FC

20:00 Surgical management of high grade tendon injuries

Professor Ernest Schilders– Fortius Clinic

20:25 Surgical management case study

Mr Nick Court– Bournemouth FC


21:15 CLOSE

**All money raised from the event will be divided equally for the speakers to donate to charities of their choice.**

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