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HRV Summit

Date: 03/05/2018
Location: Lord's Cricket Ground, St Johns Wood Road, London, NW8 8QN
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The Summit has a seating capacity, so fill out the registration form by April 25th to reserve your seat.




Welcome to Firstbeat HRV Summit 2018 in London

We are pleased to invite you to attend the Firstbeat HRV Summit 2018. It’s your opportunity to explore the exciting worlds of elite sports, preventive healthcare, and consumer fitness technology. Meet and learn from top international coaches, professionals, and leading experts about how physiological insights from the heart are unlocking the secrets to better health, happiness and performance.

Are you a professional eager to boost your knowledge of sports and wellness topics? Keen to explore the technology of tomorrow?

Join us at the iconic Lord’s Cricket Grounds to:

  • See how lives are being changed with scientific insight into stress, recovery, and physical activity. An evidence-based approach holds the key lasting behavioral change.
  • Discover how training load, intensity, fitness and recovery data unlock increasingly personalized guidance for optimal performance, fewer injuries, and athlete development.
  • Learn how smartwatches and fitness trackers are making cutting-edge physiological insights available to everyone. Glimpse into the future to see what tomorrow holds.

Firstbeat HRV Summit | 3-4 May 2018 | Lord’s Cricket Ground

The event is free. Reserve your seat now.