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International Sports Science & Sports Medicine Conference 2019

Date: 03/09/2019
Location: Business School, Newcastle University. 5 Barrack Road., Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4SE
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The Conference is a high-level educational event, for sports professionals and students interested in sports science, medicine, physiotherapy, strength & conditioning

Delegates will gain greater knowledge and receive comprehensive tips, advice and practical help from leading global experts.

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Early Bird Ends on the 31ST July 2019
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Our keynotes and invited speakers come from around the world, representing the very best in their fields of expertise.  The Conference highlights many disciplines in sports science and sports medicine highlighting; sports physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and exercise science.


Speakers and topics:

Back pain in Sport: cause and management     

Jiri Dvorak (Switzerland)

Exercise-associated muscle cramp – an update   

Ron Maughan (UK)

Oral health and elite sport performance   

Ian Needleman (UK)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in tendon and muscle therapy     

Stephane Bermon (Monaco)

Doping prevention in sport: Prescribing for the elite athlete     

David Mottram (UK)

The 2019 UEFA Nutrition for Football consensus           


Football medicine: The F-Marc legacy   

Jiri Dvorak (Switzerland)

When a woman cannot compete with women       

Stephane Bermon (Monaco)

Confidentiality issues in professional sport 

Mike McNamee (UK)

How much protein should athletes eat to maximise muscle growth and strength?

Kevin Tipton (UK)

Symposium:  Perspectives on athlete rehabilitation and recovery from injury

Strength and conditioning    

Diarmaid Brennan (Ireland)


Kevin Tipton (UK)

The athlete’s perspective      

Havard Moksnes (Norway)

Treatment of ACL injuries in elite athletes    

Havard Moksnes (Norway)

Strength training for female football performance: Specific considerations for the prevention of injury

Dave Clark (UK)

Concurrent strength, power and endurance training         

Barry Drust (UK)

Strength and conditioning guidelines for young athletes    

Rhodri Lloyd (UK)

Tendinopathies of the hip and groin 

Nick Livadas (UK)

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