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Nutrition in Premier League football

Date: 19/05/2022
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19th May 2022 at 7pm – Tom Parry (Head of Performance Nutrition, Manchester City FC)

Tom completed his Master’s Degree in sports physiology (with distinction) at John Moores university and went on to work in the research labs, looking at the effects of different nutritional supplements on football performance. In 2008 a position as sports science intern at Manchester City FC (MCFC) came up, which was converted to first team sport scientist after 6 months.

Tom worked across many areas of sport science, from monitoring training demands (HR/GPS) and physiological stress (blood and saliva analysis) to strength and conditioning (gym and pitch), whilst all along managing the nutrition with the help of top consultants (including Matt Lovell and Nick Broad).

After completing his IOC diploma in sports nutrition Tom officially became Head of Nutrition with Manchester City first team and after a year in the position was also put in charge of first team catering. Highlights from Tom’s 13-year career to date at MCFC include development of a nutrition education app and the introduction of a chef specific nutrition course (with the help of Gatorade Sport Science Institute nutrition team) with lectures and practical sessions.

Tom’s presentation “Nutrition in Premier League football“, will look at the evolution of nutrition in modern football.  From consultant to constant.