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The Rehab T E A M – Together everyone achieves more

Date: 01/06/2023
Location: Leicester City Football Club, King Power Stadium, LE2 7FL

I’m sure you’re all aware that no one person is ever responsible for a team’s success or failures and that no one person can be an expert in or deliver on everything needed, hence the saying “many hand make light work!”. However, there are also slightly conflicting viewpoints like “too many cooks spoil the broth” or “a little knowledge is dangerous!”, so how do we as members of the team behind the team ensure that there is a well co-ordinated, integrated and well learnt model of delivery to our players?

The aim of last years virtual conference series was to provide some bitesize digestible concepts and case studies to help educate practitioners of aspects not directly related to their own area of expertise and with this in mind this year we hope to bring together such concepts into an aligned and focussed face to face conference now we have the pandemic behind us.

In doing this I have looked to structure presentations and case studies around the stages of the entire rehabilitation cycle of Clean-up immediately post-injury all the way through to the end stage return to Competition

The conference will incorporate a variety of speaker disciplines that work with an injured player across all the phases of the rehabilitation process such as the Clean-up, acute stages of injury management through to the Clearance of necessary mobility and activation aspects to undertake more intermediate mid stage protocols of Co-ordination  and Change of Direction  through to end stage aspects whereby you  Chase & Condition certain types of worse case scenarios and then finally onto the return to the 4-corner markers of being ready to Compete.  I hope you will enjoy the wide spectrum of information on show and the engagement of discussing in person how we as practitioners can improve upon the process of;

“Rehabilitation – Clean-Up to Compete”

Many Thanks

Kevin Paxton, MSc, ASCC, CSci