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Opening Address

Welcome from the Football Medicine and Performance Association CEO, Eamonn Salmon.

Eamonn Salmon
Concussion: The Role of Rehabilitation and The Importance of Responsibility

The role of rehabilitation in the management of concussion is gathering pace. No longer simply a matter of counting to ‘x’ many days and adding in some exercise, this session will look at how multimodal assessment, clinical reasoning and a targeted approach to rehabilitation may be key for both the short term and long term health of a player and their performance. It will be frank and challenge people to consider how proactive they are in dealing with the condition.


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Simon Shepard
Chair, Medical Advisory Group, Lord’s Ground
Lessons learned from the ATP Tour

Lessons learned from the ATP Tour:  A talk providing insight into life as a physio on the ATP tour with some detailed reflections and learnings from my time working with Andy Murray.   How my 16 years of previous work in football helped me give a different perspective to Andy and how now, on returning to football, my work and approach has evolved as a result of experiences at the cutting edge of elite Tennis.


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Phil Hayward
Head of High Performance – Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Impacts of managerial change on performance support staff
  • The New Manager Cycle (NMC)
  • The Managers Position
  • Our Position – Impact of External and Internal threat on High Performance.
  • How do training and game models impact support staff and their service provision and requirements
  • Do injuries follow managers?
  • How can we learn from Im a celebrity get me out of here?
  • Why would a manager trust you
  • Strategies around increasing trust and supporting transition day to day.
Callum Walsh
Elite Performance Specialist
Why gender matters – Disparity between ACL injuries in males and females

Are ACL injuries an epidemic in the women’s game or are we just taking note of them now. Professionalisation and media attention surrounding women’s football is rapidly growing. The burden of injury is more important than ever to clubs and national teams. This talk will discuss the sex and gender differences between males and females particularly relating to injury and ACL injury. Specific focus will be given to the menstrual cycle and its impact on female footballers performance and injury risk and challenges faced with supporting players in this area.

Ally Barlow
Women’s Team Physiotherapist – Chelsea FC
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Tackling Academy Physiotherapy

We all know the old adage that ‘children are not mini adults’, but what does this really mean to the medical and performance team working with the youth academy player?  Practical aspects of growth and maturation will be discussed along with a child-centred approach and paediatric pathology.  We will consider how we optimise Academy physiotherapy over and above the standard rehab pathway, considering how we create ownership and engagement in our youth athletes.  Finally, we will discuss how we can also develop our Academy therapy staff as well as our players.

Di Ryding
Former Head Foundation & Youth Development Physiotherapist – Manchester United FC
The applied recovery day
  • The demands of a championship season
  • Periodising the weekly schedule
  • Incorporating recovery into what we do and how we do it.
  • Are recovery protocols transferable across different clubs
  • Lessons learned over a period of time and what are the key fundamentals
John Lucas
Head of Physical Performance – Preston North End FC
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My Guy

There is a changing landscape in professional football. Players are seeking external service providers on a more regular basis. What are the challenges for club Medical and Performance staff? How can these be overcome? This presentation will discuss and contrast perspectives of ‘in-house’ staff versus ‘externals’. Case examples will be used to outline processes utilised at R4P to address the challenges for club staff

Matt Konopinski
Director of Physiotherapy & Performance – Rehab 4 Performance
Football and Nutrition: Reflections on 25 years working with professional clubs

The last 25 years or so have seen some significant changes in the professional football scene within the UK. Mirroring some of these changes has been the revolution in nutrition advice to football players based on developing science. This presentation explores the adaptations that have taken place in the role of the nutrition advisor (not least the relationships between nutrition and the managerial, fitness and medical staff), significant enhancements in the so-called canteen facilities and meals presented to players, as well as the explosion of sports nutrition companies and supplements available. Some key aspects of the developing science related to football performance and recovery is also examined.


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Professor Don Maclaren
Professor of Sports Nutrition – Liverpool John Moores University
Challenge the panel! 

All the day’s speakers will come together to discuss points raised during the day.

Closing Address

Thank you to all our trade exhibitors and sponsors.


Eamonn Salmon