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Joe-Julien Jackman

Sport Scientist

Professional Experience

  • Crystal Palace FC


  • MSc Sport & Exercise Science (Physiology)
  • BSc Sport & Exercise Science


Sports has been my whole life. Football, tennis, basketball, track & field, cycling and racing. I began playing sport at 2. I was scouted for Watford Academy Team at 8 years old. I left school at 13 to focus on becoming a professional Tennis Athlete travelling across the UK to train at various academies and to Barcelona. In short, I was identified as an emerging talent, I am now athlete AND coach AND sport scientist.

My time studying for two degrees in Sport and Exercise Science led me to be experienced and fully competent in using gas exchange analysis tools such as the Cortex Metalyzer 3B portable high resolution spiroergometry system and the Douglas Bag cart system. Knowledge of how to calibrate, and utilize the Servomex 5200 gas analyser, and the Cortex Metalyzer 3B portable high resolution spiroergometry system, which incorporates knowledge of how to measure resting metabolic rates, measure gas exchange data also through the Douglas Bag method, and run standard cardiovascular fitness tests (i.e. VO2max, lactate threshold, incremental step, anaerobic threshold tests), and cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPET). Possess experience and knowledge in handling lab equipment such as the Biosen Lactate and glucose Analyzer, and how to safely extract and measure physiological biomarkers such as blood lactate, blood glucose.

Using these skills and experience helped me to be the sole creator and principle investigator to design my own research project and testing protocol for my MSc research which involved one of the first crossover research design projects: The Effects of Molecular Hydrogen Supplementation on Anaerobic Exercise Power/Capacity. This research project is one of the first of its kind conducted concerning the effects of hydrogen supplementation via an enriched solution on repeated Wingate exercise performance. This can be applicable to sports where repeated maximal or high intense performance efforts are required such as American football, tennis, basketball, short distance sprint track events, track cycling, repeated jumping or bounding events, soccer/football, rugby, weightlifting, and speed climbing.

Optimum performance is determined by how the physiological, psychological, and social aspect of an individual is treated. However, due to my experience from being an athlete my whole life and having guidance from my high-performance coach/mentor, I firmly believe that athlete physical development and high performance standards and sustainability first stems from strength of mentality, work ethic and the strength of the team that surrounds you.

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