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Jon Whitney


Professional Experience

  • Walsall FC


  • BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy
  • MSc Football rehabilitation
  • UEFA B
  • Diploma in Football Management
  • Foundation Course in Acupuncture
  • UEFA A Licence


  • Former Professional footballer and Chartered Physiotherapist who specialises in Injury prevention and enhancement of Athletic Performance.

With over 25 years experience in the professional game I am a passionate and innovative coach who strives for excellence through helping others to maximise and then exceed their potential. A positive mental attitude is applied to all aspects of an evolving career, which is geared towards using advances in sports medicine to facilitate modern coaching methods which enhance a player’s performance. My medical and sports science background has equipped me with an unrivalled and unique skill set and coupled with my coaching experience are powerful ingredients for success. A highly energetic and enthusiastic style of play is encouraged and requires football athletes who are robust and resilient and able to withstand both the physiological and psychological demands of the modern game. I have a burning desire and excitement about where my training concepts and coaching methods will take me and I look forward to linking these with the vision and values of my next employer.

The FAST ZONE is a unique training concept for ELITE performance which provides a link between sports science and coaching and is designed to facilitate but not dictate the way we train our athletes. FAST is an acronym for Functional Agility Strength/Speed/Specific Training and the ZONE is used to teach correct biomechanics which are specific to the movement patterns of modern football. The concept involves a progressive series of exercises and drills to develop a player to become physically and mentally more robust. The USP is that the FAST INTEGRATES and develops ALL ELEMENTS OF THE GAME INTO ONE SESSION resulting in an athlete who moves with greater efficiency and with a significantly reduced risk of injury.

Clinic Details

Contact Details
Mobile: 07515753890
ST17 0QH