Children with Cancer UK

Children with Cancer UK is the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. Almost 4,000 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the UK. Our aims are to determine the causes, find cures and provide care for children with cancer.

Our small team is united by a common goal – to save and improve young lives. Browse the pages below to find out more about the Children with Cancer UK team.

Since 1987, Children with Cancer UK has raised over £230 million to support research into the causes and treatment of childhood cancers, and to provide better facilities for caring for children and their families. The founders, the O’Gorman family, whose son Paul’s life was cut short by childhood leukaemia, remain at the helm of what is now a team of over 35 people with offices opposite Great Ormond Street Hospital.
From vitally important clinical trials and research to family accommodation, our small and dedicated team has funded over 200 projects, as well as supporting a Scientific Advisory Panel who provide invaluable scientific and medical advice and input.