Exceed Sports delivers a club medical team provision. This provision enables your club to find the right doctor to support your Head of Medical and their department to deliver medical, health and wellbeing advice to your players and staff.

Through our model the club and head of medical outsource their needs to Exceed Sports. We provide the club with any variation of doctors, physiotherapists, sports therapists and sports scientists to enable a whole provision for clubs.  By undertaking this model, the club are providing safer services – we have protocols, pathways and procedures that allow quality delivery of medical care for players. Reducing the risks that a typical club doctor covers – at Exceed Sports we take the liability for ensuring safe guidelines and practicing procedures.

Exceed Sports have brought together a series of core packages to support clubs, providing good value medical care for players and staff.

We work with clubs to develop a customised package based on their medical needs and budget; this can include:

  • Match day doctor cover- Home and Away
  • Academy doctor cover
  • Midweek GP cover either virtually or Face to Face including adhoc appointments
  • Testing regimes
  • Nominated CMO (for governing body point of contact, general clinical supervision, and training of service provision)
  • Pre-season bloods and performance measurements
  • Cardiac screening
  • Concussion baseline development and ongoing monitoring
  • Independent doctor cover, tunnel doctor or concussion doctor
  • CPD development for doctors and physios.

For more information, please visit or contact us at [email protected]