L & M Consulting Limited

Facilitating Sustainable, Optimal Performance and Positive Psychological Wellbeing

L&M Consulting Limited assists individuals, teams and organisations achieve sustainable, optimal performance through the prioritisation of positive psychological wellbeing.

We are a small, high-calibre consultancy whose unique blend of expertise and practical experience in performance, wellbeing and clinical psychology, and in leadership, mentoring and cultural change, enables us to provide a comprehensive and complementary range of services adaptable to your personal or organisation’s needs.

Due to our consultants’ unique and diverse experiences and skills, L&M applies a dynamic combination of real-world, first-hand experience of operating in highly-pressurised and high-stakes environments, and post-doctoral experience of delivering psychological theory and consultancy within to high achievers.

L&M is driven by:

  • Our aim to provide high-quality, evidence-based, yet cost-effective and practical support that best meets your needs and facilitates real, positive change.
  • Our core values of trust, humility, integrity, discretion and confidentiality.

L&M’s Services:

Individual Support:

  • Psychological wellbeing support for improved performance, health or life satisfaction.
  • Performance psychology support, including; developing peak psychological states, coping with injury, overcoming performance plateaus, and rediscovering sport enjoyment.
  • Transition support from early career to retirement.
  • Leadership mentoring.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) counselling.

Team and Organisational Support:

  • Education across our expertise in a range of formats.
  • Development of high-performing, cohesive teams.
  • Development of sustainable, dual high performance/positive psychological wellbeing cultures.
  • Cultural audits and research.

Can We Help?

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