Who better than athletes, former professional footballers, to understand the importance of combining physical performance and maintaining a healthy metabolism?

Who better to assess the risk of injury before, during and after exercise?

Delis Ahou, Guy Moussi and Milos Dimitrijevic pushed their bodies to the limit on the field and in training; they know what it takes.

These ex-footballers turned entrepreneurs are now paving the way for a safer and more personalised treatment of muscular issues, whatever the end goal.

In the same region where they first met and trained, this reunited team has developed a preventive and curative patented solution.

Today, the team has grown with the investment of technical, medical and financial partners, and MAD-UP PRO is establishing itself in sports facilities, rehabilitation centres and physiotherapy practices all over the world.



Espanyol del Barcelone

A natural physiological accelerator combined with integrated patented technology.

The first step involves creating a metabolic stress on the muscle. By applying local pressure on an exercising muscle, the body reacts and produces muscle mass.

This technical innovation revolutionises occlusion training methods (BFR Training).

The device stimulates a muscular and hormonal response similar to that produced during intensive exercise without the risks of strenuous effort.




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