Zock is used to reduce the chance of metatarsal injury when playing football.  The Zock is able to reduce shock up to 40% without impacting the players ability to pass or shoot the ball. It is worn underneath the sock and one size fits all.  Metatarsal fractures are caused by direct trauma by being kicked accidentally, overuse and excessive rotation.  Zock is a new and exciting product which acts as a shock absorber reducing the tendency to prevent a metatarsal injury occurring.  The product has taken over two years to design and produce with the help of North Product Design and University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).  UCLAN have thoroughly tested the product to provide valuable information.  In the two studies completed by UCLAN showed how Zock reduces the impact on the foot by absorbing near to 40% of force when applied using the drop test.  In addition a further study was performed showing that kicking ability is not impaired when using the Zock compared with not using it.


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