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DPROF Elite Performance


3 years


March 2024


Distance Learning

Our Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance (DProf) provides an opportunity for those working in performance related roles to complete a PhD equivalent programme of study focused on career-based needs and aspirations.

This is an exciting and original initiative, capable of providing a high level, vocationally focused award to a broad range of professionals working in high performance domains. Applications are especially welcome from those working in sports coaching, sports science, strength and conditioning, psychologists, analysis, medical practitioners, the military, police, and fire and rescue.

Study is designed specifically around students’ professional work, with the aim of enhancing professional practice or progression in their chosen performance environment.

At the outset of this course you’ll formulate a detailed personal development plan (PDP) which will outline what you want to achieve on this course and how you’ll be able to apply what you learn to your professional environment and the world of elite performance.

You’ll explore the factors which affect and enable elite performance and equip yourself with the skills, knowledge and techniques needed to undertake research projects within your professional field which will contribute to advancements in understanding and practice.

You’ll engage in a process of reflective development which will enable you to enhance your own professional practice and performance. The approach taken in the programme reflects current thinking on this type of award, being more a matter of guidance and mentoring than a simple knowledge transfer process.

Why study with us

  • An innovative, flexible and original course, designed specifically for working professionals, which has a strong national and international reputation.
  • A course taught by staff with extensive professional and research experience.
  • Supports student progress and practice by challenging perceptions and beliefs, answering questions, solving problems and driving innovations that will shape future professional practice.