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Sport and Exercise Medicine MSc

3 to 5 years, part-time distance learning

Develop the specialist skills needed to conduct clinical practice in sport and exercise settings. This master’s is exclusively for fully qualified doctors.

By working with Bath’s team of sports science practitioners, some of whom have worked at high-profile sporting events such as the Olympic Games and Paralympic World Cup, you’ll deepen your knowledge of the musculoskeletal injuries associated with sport. This will enhance your ability to assess, treat, and advise the patients in your practice.

You’ll also develop your:

  • knowledge and clinical skills for providing both primary and specialist sport and exercise medicine care
  • clinical expertise in the aftercare of injuries and rehabilitation
  • ability to provide safe and effective pitch-side emergency care
  • awareness of the signs of mental health issues in sport and the ability to provide confidential support

This course will also provide you with a recognised qualification for indemnity insurance – many team doctor jobs will require this type of qualification.

A mix of self-led and face-to-face learning

Bath is one of the few universities that offers this type of academically recognised course through part-time distance learning. This means you can complete your master’s degree alongside your clinical practice.

At our Residential Weeks in Year 1 and Year 2, there will be face-to-face teaching and opportunities to learn from guest speakers and build connections with other clinicians on our Bath campus.

Graduate prospects

You will be assigned an experienced sports medic as your Professional Development Advisor during this course. They will provide mentorship and help you establish industry links.

By the end of the course, you will be qualified to work with athletes and sports teams at the highest level. You will also be better equipped to assess, treat and advise patients in relation to musculoskeletal injuries, and to advise patients about the health benefits of exercise more generally.

Some of our recent graduates have taken roles with:

  • The Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Professional clubs and teams
  • The NHS
  • The UK Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine

If you want to continue your research alongside professional practice, we also provide an established Professional Doctorate, offering a route for MSc students interested in continuing their research to doctoral level while working part-time.

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